31 октября 2011

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Perl Weekly

Issue #14 - October 31, 2011

Вот скока новостей, не подовитесь


GCI: Google Code-in and The Perl Foundation
Google is trying to get students between the age 13-17 involved in Open Source. The Perl Foundation wants to take part in it and Paul Johnson has extensively written about it. You have less than 24 hour before the deadline.

Introducing PrePAN - Social Reviewing Site for Perl Modules
Are you planning to upload a new module to CPAN? Would you like to get feedback before you upload the module or even before you write it? That's what PrePAN is for. See the announcement of Kentaro Kuribayashi.

CPAN Turns Sweet 0x10: How it Changed the World
Joe Brockmeier wrote about it on ReadWriteWeb.


Web site for command line time tracker launched
Thomas Klausner (domm) reports that he created a web site for the App::TimeTracker command line time tracker. I have to say they have a very cool demo on the front page and a very nice looking site. I find it very funny that the king of command line is building a nice web site for his command line product but I also find it very encouraging!

Modern Perl: The Book, 2011-2012 Edition Draft
chromatic is working on a new edition of the Modern Perl book and he is thinking about publishing it in HTML format as well. You can get the draft version now and you can comment on it. This is another chance to get your name among the contributors of this book!


Perl course in Barcelona on 5 November 2011
Members of Barcelona.pm are organizing a Perl training course. As I can see the web site is in Catalan but as I understood from Francesc Guasch the course will be given in Spanish.


Perl tutorials suck (and cause serious damage)
Christian Walde (Mithaldu) first asked 'How do newbies find Perl learning materials online?' which led to a number of comments and blogs about the subject and then back to Mithaldu who wrote a POD-like article about the state of the Perl tutorials and the state of the search results when looking for 'perl tutorial'. This generated lots of discussions both on the blog and on Reddit.

Perl Tutorials

Number Guessing game
Partially in response to the discussions about the sad state of the Perl Tutorials I restarted posting my own tutorials. This is the beginning of a simple and stupid game I wrote a long time ago in another country and in another language.


Setting Up Jacquard Project Infrastructure
John SJ Anderson is describing his progress with Jacquard, a web application to provide a single interface to read an write on several social networks. In this article he sets up the basics using Dist::Zilla and Test::Class.

Regular expressions with multiple named captures
Tim Heaney (oylenshpeegul) - is wondering, if in Perl 6 it is trivial, how can we catch several matches in Perl 5?

DBD::SQLite 1.35 release planned for 22nd of November
Adam Kennedy (Alias) describes the changes that will go into the next release of DBD::SQLite. If you are depending on it, you should probably test the release candidate.

New 1.32_2 development release of Perl DBD::ODBC
Martin Evans (mjevans) also announced a development release of DBD::ODBC.

Perl 6

MuEvent: AnyEvent lookalike for Perl 6
Tadeusz Sośnierz (tadzik) has announced MuEvent which is an event loop in Perl 6. It is like a younger brother of AnyEvent.


Google AI Challenge, Fall 2011 edition
Damien (Learns Perl) encourages us to participate in the AI Challenge to see Perl solutions with better rankings.

Events reports

A Glimpse Of YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2011
Daisuke Maki (lestrrat) wrote a nice report about YAPC::Asia including the videos of all the presentations. That's another thing both the EU and the NA YAPCs could learn. All the videos were uploaded 4 days after the conference ended.

YAPC::Asia 2011
Karen Pauley also wrote a blog post about her experience at this year's YAPC::Asia. In a nutshell, it was great. She says so in more details.


Twin City Perl Workshop
November 4-5, 2011, Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia

November 4-6, 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

London Perl Workshop (LPW2011)
November 12, 2011, London, UK

The Perl Oasis
January 13-15, 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA

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